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Roundup of Must-Have Accessories for Silicone Hydrogel Extended Lenses

For wearers of silicone hydrogel extended lenses, finding the right accessories is crucial. Here’s a roundup of top-notch products to enhance your lens-wearing experience.

The Sports Vision’s Contact Lens Cases offer a practical storage solution for silicone hydrogel extended lenses. These cases feature a user-friendly design and durable materials, making them ideal for everyday use and travel. Keeping contact lenses clean and secure, they provide convenience and reliability for wearers. With their functionality and practicality, these cases are recommended for those seeking a reliable storage option for their lenses.

  • Sports World Vision’s contact lens cleaner is an ideal way to get your contact lenses clean before you put them in your eyes.
  • The contact lens cases are made of durable and safe material, ensuring the safety of your lenses.
  • Lightweight and portable lens case makes it convenient for travel and outdoor activities.

  • Some users find it hard to open the compartments where the contacts go.
  • The plastic material of the contact holders may feel flimsy to some users.
  • The tab to open each compartment may seem to be made backward to some users.

The conditioning solution mentioned in the review is a trusted companion for maintaining silicone hydrogel extended lenses. Its gentle comfort and effective cleaning properties enhance the lens-wearing experience and prolong lens lifespan. With its positive impact on clarity and comfort, this solution is highly recommended for individuals looking for reliable care for their lenses.



The Contact Lens Travel Kit is a convenient solution for silicone hydrogel extended lenses wearers on the go. This kit offers a range of tools in a stylish and compact package, making it ideal for both new and experienced wearers. With practical features and an affordable price, this kit provides hassle-free maintenance for contact lenses during travel, making it a recommended choice for those seeking portability.

  • The Contact Lens Travel Kit includes a washer cleaner, making it convenient to keep your lenses clean on-the-go.
  • The 5 in 1 Compact Case provides all essential tools in one portable kit, including a mirror, solution bottle, tweezers, and remover stick.
  • Easy to Carry: The compact size of the travel contact lens case makes it easy to carry around, ensuring you have your contact lens essentials wherever you go.

  • Some users reported that the cleaner twist case is a bit flimsy, which may affect its durability over time.
  • A few customers received the product with missing parts, such as the suction stick, leading to disappointment.
  • While the kit is great for beginners, some users wished for clearer instructions on how to use each tool effectively.

The 4X Lens Remover is a reliable tool for easy and efficient removal of hard silicone hydrogel extended lenses. While some users may find it smaller or lacking in suction strength, it delivers on its promise of aiding in lens removal. For those in need of assistance with hard contact lenses, the 4X Lens Remover offers a positive experience and is worth considering.




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